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The introduction thing!

If you have recognised the greatest couple AKA, Wolfstar up there, you and I must be soul mates or something,okay,no,just hey,you're definitely going on my friend-list if i know!^^!

I can be found on many of the sites, just take a look at my sidebar for more info. You're welcome to add me on any of those. Also I'm big into iconing for countless fandoms so my page will mainly have icon posts.

Icon communities I mod / co-mod:

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My banners from various challenges.

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25 We Best Love icons for dailyicons-IN PROGRESS!

I saw the icons [personal profile] geckoholic   made of Fighting Mr. Second, got curious and ended up watching the all of We best Love-No. 1 for you(the first part of this series) tonight and boy oh boy! 6 episodes is not enough!
I'm flailing with the feels from this BL Taiwanese drama! Someone squee with me over this drama OMG!! T_T What can I do except make icons for both the shows now?XD
Edit:OOHH! The 2nd season is over but they did mention that their story isn't over yet so...fingers crossed for season 3!

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50 C-Drama icons for historamedy365-in progress!

I signed up earlier this year for a table of 50 icons from various Chinese dramas at historamedy365. I'm making 5 icons from each show for now but there might end up being more if I'm feeling inspired!:D.
So far I've made icons for the themes of January, February and March. Hover to see the months.

Dramas included:
1.The romance of tiger and rose    2. Guardian    3.We best Love:no. 1 for you


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spring flower icon by haebin

15 Multifandom icons for somein30 Round 7

This round at somein30 was a randomized icon challenge where we got 20 random prompts and oh my,it was so much fun!:D Hover to see the fandom names and prompts.The inspos and explanations are below the icon set.All icons are free to take with credit.


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10+5 alts of love themed icon for Round 35 at fandom10in30

Well,this set for [community profile] fandom10in30  turned into a storge-fest icon post! XD Once I started iconing the Yunmeng siblings from the Untamed...I could not resist iconing tgem from the donghua too so this post is really mostly full of familial love. Can I just say,I absolutely adore the drunk Lan bros episode in MDZS Q. Even if you don't watch the Untamed/Mo Dao zu shi, this short clip is full of drunken hilarity!
Hover for the character & fandom names.


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