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Some wolfstar + Downton Abbey fic recs

Just read a few new fics and re-read some old ones.I might have recced some of these before but there's nothing wrong in reccing a good fic twice, right? :D !Hohohoohoooo!

Summary:Sirius wonders about Remus sometimes. Not in a condescending, oh-he's-gone-mad way, but in a real, curious way. He doesn't really understand him, certainly not the way he often thinks he does. Remus/Sirius
Comment:A very good take on the angst-y Sirius and the complicated relationship between him and Remus.

Days of you and me
Summary:"I'll tell you whatever you need to know."; Sweet Circe, how needy and desperate he sounds, but needy and desperate is how he feels, so he probably shouldn't be terribly surprised.
Comment:This AU piece is so well done within 2-2500 words,it really evokes such strong emotions.

Summary:It's too risky, he decided at the beginning of all of this: it's too risky to think of Sirius as anything other than another broken body in need of repair, another casualty of war, another Order soldier. They cannot repeat the past; it was lost a long time ago.
Comment:A good read,angst,fluff,good writing all in one.

Summary:Sirius Black was born with and promised everything imaginable, or so he had thought. Follow the wizard through school as he struggles against his demons for himself, his friends and the love of his life. A story of striving to be a good person and never giving up despite how unattainable it might seem.
Comment:This is an ongoing story but god,the characterisation and dialogue,honestly,I adore it all.Really good details.

Snow in April
Summary:April is the cruelest month, Remus has always known. Sirius can't adjust.
Comment:AU.Very angst-ridden.But the writing is so gorgeous,the setting,the ideas and the atmosphere created here is really something.

Hope is the thing with feathers
Summary:AU OotP Harry and company must learn that not everything is as it seems and the difference between believing and madness is not so straightforward.
Comment:One of my all-time favourites,this has such a wonderful mix of AU,sadness,good times.All of it!

Yet your eyes cover my skin
Summary:Voldemort was conquered once and for all in 1981, and his followers were all sent to Azkaban. Years later, justice was done when some of them got released. But being free isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Remus finds that getting someone back home isn’t always either.
Comment:Little AU,really good insight into Sirius's post-Azkaban character and Remus's feelings.And obviously,the descriptions are gorgeous.

Quo Animo
Summary:Sometimes, even when you don't understand, all you can do is close your eyes and clench your fists and trust that everything is going to be alright in the end.
Comment:I don't normally read self-abuse fics,but this was one of the first ones I read and even now,I go back and read it at times,because the writing is so well done,it never feels overdone.

And how we loved to burn
Summary:There were two turning points in the relationship of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, and both would change them forever.
Comment:A two part story with a good ending,always good for one of those days when you just want to read something little sad,little sweet.

Time can be rewritten
Summary:Remus can't let Sirius die, and he'll do anything to save him. Even if it means making things worse.
Comment:A story not so long but hurts in all the right places.Angst.

Sonnets of love
Summary:Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind - but few realise this. Of the very few are Remus and Sirius. Wolfstar. Muggle AU taking place in the early 1900s.
Comment:A long AU,amusing really.But the best part was how well the writer fit James,Lily and Regulus in the fic to bring out the story.And Sirius and Remus are just lovable!

All you hear is your heart
Summary:AU. This was done as a request for someone else. The woman who requested the fic did it for an art exchange, and asked that Sirius work for the ministry in some fashion, and Remus work in a bakery/cafe.
Comment:Really well set AU and great interaction.I loved the atmosphere of the story.

I love you
Summary:Remus and Sirius love each other. They say it all the time! ... Platonically.

Summary:"I love you, Moony." "Then why do you hurt me like this, Padfoot?" A story about not knowing what you've got until it's gone, learning from your mistakes and learning to trust again. Can love really conquer all? Wolfstar, post-Hogwarts and war, SLASH.
Comment:It's an ongoing fic and the more I read,the more it breaks my heart but I want to read more at the same time.

A cure for nightmares
Summary:Non-Magic AU: There's a mysterious new boy at St Godric's, and Sirius can't stop thinking about him, but the secret Remus is keeping might break Sirius's heart. RLxSB. Warning: underage sex, drug use, self-harm, past character death, past child sexual abuse, PTSD. Liberties taken with 1970's British boarding school culture.
Comment:Think it's been read and re-read a lot already but it's also one of my all-time favourites and needs to be recced!AGAIN! :D

Drive to desperation
Summary:The War on the Wizarding World is escalating and things are quickly spiraling out of control. When a series of murders start popping up, Sirius struggles to protect the people he loves, especially Remus. All he wants, is things to go back to normal again
Comment:Dark,haunting and a well written story.

The Pursuit to slow realisation
Summary:Remus has always had bad taste in men and he tops the polls when he starts to find Sirius Black attractive. Sirius is pompous, loud, plays horrible pranks and is ridiculously flirtatious. Worst of all, he is Remus's best friend. Muggle AU.
Comment:One word!!Awesome!!It's a good modern day fic,really!

The Escapist
Summary:The first thing he’s aware of is pain. Incredible, debilitating pain that has him crying out, fingers scrabbling across the bandages over his eyes. It hurts everywhere; the dull ache in his bones that he’s had since the moment he left home is the least of his worries. He’s in a bed somewhere, blindfolded, hurting, and his first thought is, 'they’ve got me. The Germans have got me.'
Comment: It's angst filled, really beautifully written from Edward's POV,and absolutely tear-jerking.

We could beat them,forever and ever
Summary:“I can remember standing by the wall, and the guns shot above our heads, and we kissed as though nothing could fall, and the shame, it was on the other side…”
Comment:Not necessarily angst-ridden but it still hurts to read it.

Come alive
Summary:Written for a prompt on the DA kink meme: Gothic Literature AU. Thomas had to leave Downton in disgrace during S3 and take a job someplace spooky and out of the way, for a handsome man with a terrible secret.

You took my soul and wiped it clean
Summary:Downton Abbey's new chauffeur is a clean slate and Thomas is going to enjoy it as long as possible. Or, Thomas finally makes a friend (and something more). Thomas/OMC.
Tags: fic recs, pairing: remus lupin / sirius black, show: downton abbey

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