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Night and Day-A RS oneshot

Because I realised how empty my LJ is,I thought I'd post one or two of my works from FF.net here! :D!

Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K Rowling.

Rating: K+

Summary: Sirius loves the night and Remus treasures the morning light. Sirius realises something important.Pure fluff.

Word count: 1644.

This time of the night when Remus's eyes would finally flutter shut, the dog-Animagus would place a hand gently on his shoulder to be sure that the other man had finally gone to a much-needed sleep after yet another event of being fired from his job. Just thinking about the treatment Remus, someone like his Moony was subjected to…it made him furious, it always had. He knew it didn't help practically when he raved and ranted as he had done again today and eventually punched a dent into their basement door which Remus had fixed after remaining quiet through that episode but he could see the gratitude in Remus's eyes, could see how much it meant to him to see someone else, even if that someone was Sirius care enough.

"Padfoot." Remus had whispered in their post-coital warmth with so much of feeling in his gaze, so much of that love for him, it had ripped away all thoughts of how he had not wanted to be a pansy and cuddle and much to the werewolf's surprise he had immediately pulled him to his chest tightly and kissed him within an inch of his life. This, this was why he waited for nights to come. He was loved.

He smiled as the slight frown lines on Remus's tired face disappeared with the increasing hour as his sleep deepened to a death-like state which used to scare Sirius once but not now, not now that he knew how Remus sometimes smiled or did some cute twitchy thing with his lips or ended up tugging on Sirius's arm and placed it under his own head. Merlin did he love it when he did that. Of course Remus's disbelieving look at his own actions during his slumber-hours and James's snigger was absolutely too good to pass when Sirius recounted it one day during lunch at Prongs's.

There was a time when Sirius could say that Regulus's fifth birthday or summers spent at the Potter's and Christmases at Hogwarts, winters when nights were short and Moony had suffered much lesser than any other time, and specifically the first time they had mastered their Animagi forms and spent the night with Remus, there was once when he could easily count these as the best of all times and days. But there was another time he wouldn't speak f to anyone else; it was his own to feel and keep. Nights were special on a whole different level. Nights had been about Remus and confessions at one time, they were about Remus now. Nights were about love.

Maybe it was the silence broken only by crickets and nothing else and the street-lights from their window that added its own vulnerability to Remus's usual structure against their cotton sheets, or maybe it was that Remus didn't move out of surprise or fear when Sirius touched him in his sleep just to remind himself how great it was to have him there despite the world being almost at war; the thought that he was trusted enough…

Or maybe Sirius was just so damned much in love that-he….whaaat? He was in love. In love? Sirius stopped in midst of secretly touching Remus as he had taken to doing at this time of the night since a few months, well past one o' clock and waking up with light panda-eyes.

The werewolf shifted as he buried himself deeper into the pillow and with one look at that Sirius couldn't help the large smile from taking up his face. I love him, I love him, I'm in love with Moony! Immediately he draped his arm around the smaller body and drifted into sleep with the same thought running amok in his head.

I love him.


"Padfoot." Remus whispered almost inaudibly and smiled before shifting to get into a more comfortable position on their bed as he rested his head on his outstretched arm. He reached out his free hand to brush over the stray strands of hair that had fallen over Sirius's face sometime during their sleep and exhaled slowly.

If asked, there wasn't any particular time of the day Remus wouldn't prefer not looking at Sirius, in fact if possible every second, every passing time of the day could be devoted to just being with Sirius but real life and work prevented such things from happening; it didn't help that he was rather a practical person.

However if there was a time he knew although never really mentioning it to anyone because honestly, how in the world did people talk to one another about things like this?-but if there was a time that was Remus's favourite it would constitute certain ones like the first nights of winter when the snow almost seemed to glow against the dark, the second day after a full moon has passed because he would be almost as good as new and the next full would be ages away, his father's birthday on some of the hottest twenty-fifth of Julys when mama would always have a variety of her finest bakery-the ancestral recipe that Remus was glad she had taken the pains to learn.

But the one time he would rather not tell anyone of, one that he loved most of all was the beginning of a new day-the earliest and most ungodly hours of morning when the sun would just start peeking out and Sirius would still be sleeping soundly more-often-than-not without much of clothes even during winters. Just when dawn would break over and the sun had yet to swallow them in its heat was a few twenty minutes the still-sleeping world would be enveloped in comfortable warmth and Remus would continue watching over the beautiful, beautiful man beside him. And if it wasn't that, the morning would always bring about a new day, it was when he was human every day of his life.

Sirius was-as long as he remembered-one for expressions, commotion and recklessness. But when he let himself take in the gorgeous features morphed into peacefulness submerged in all-white sheets Remus often still found it hard to believe how much the other man loved him. The contented look his lover had after their many snog-fests or in moments like now when there were still ten whole minutes to appreciate all that was Sirius before he had to wake fully were what made it all so obvious. He didn't need a confession in words if Sirius's stares and gazes were anything to go by.

He felt Sirius's arm struggle under his head where it rested against his pillow and he couldn't help the smile that formed. Sirius hadn't been lying when he had talked about his nightly movements.

"Hey." Remus greeted in a soft voice so as not to break the peaceful air. Sirius slung an arm over the werewolf's torso and pulled him in.

"Hey yourself, gorgeous." He returned and Remus rolled his eyes. Gorgeous was Sirius, not him but he decided against voicing it not that he wasn't tempted to because Sirius always took the pains to reassure him of just how gorgeous he was in unspeakable ways that involved lots of hands and exchanging kisses.

"Come on." Remus tried moving away, "You still need a shower after last night and we both know how late that gets you." Sirius sniffed as if offended but then suddenly grinned.

"I don't care if I'm late for work today." He paused for a breath to dramatize his words, "While I was in deep slumber-" Sirius ignored Remus's eye-roll, "-I found out something important. Actually no, I had an epiphany." He looked down at Remus with an intense look and Remus remained silent. Sirius finally huffed, "Aren't you going to ask 'what?'"

"Fine." Remus sighed, "Do tell what this 'epiphany' of yours is that couldn't wait until evening?" He continued looking at him but suddenly felt his heart perform a jump when Sirius abandoned his playfulness and linked their fingers with a serious expression.

"Moony." He said quietly, "I'm going to tell you something, something you've been telling me for a while, I don't know why I didn't see it-" he pressed the heel of his hand against Remus's mouth as he looked ready to interrupt, "-no, I need to tell you this." He swallowed removing his hand and then looked directly into his eyes, "I love you."

I love you…I love you…Sirius was-that was-

"Remus?" Sirius's voice wavered slightly but Remus caught the hint of panic in it even without the use of his real name. Without further hesitation he took Sirius's face in his hands and kissed him full in the mouth.

"You utter sod-" Sirius panted once they broke apart, "-You absolute mangy wolf, you scared-"

"Shut up Padfoot." Remus ignored the 'wolf' comment and pushed Sirius down with a drunken-looking grin, "I love you-" kiss, "-you complete prat-" kiss, "-why would you even-"

"You shut up." Sirius interrupted with the widest smile he could muster and pulled Remus down peppering kisses across his face.

"Pads, you'll be late." Remus reminded him half-heartedly. Sirius answered by tugging at at his hair forcing him to arch his throat where his mouth continued its brilliant ministrations to his Adam's apple. He then looked up to see Remus's blissful expression.

"Do you care?" he asked, his husky voice holding a mischievous tone, "I can leave-" He pressed his lips against his collar-bone and Remus shuddered when he felt his tongue, "-now if you want."

"No!" Remus forced his eyes open and looked down mirroring Sirius's hungry expression before dipping his head for a kiss as he felt his strong hands slip under his night-shirt, "Forget it." And they did forget it; it was far too easy to do so when their minds were devoid of any other thought.

I love him.

He loves me.

I love you.



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