abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

Guardian(C-drama) Screencap:E01

When I started iconing Guardian,I couldn't find any screencaps online,so if any Guardian iconmakers need some caps,I'm thinking of posting around 100 or so caps per post of every episode.
The images are in 100X100.You can right click and open it in a new tab or window to get the full screencap.
So,I don't know how may people this will help,but if it does,I'd love to get feedback about it. :D


If you guys are unaware of Guardian, then tinnny has done a post about it that you can check out here .
Tags: cdrama, char: shen wei, char: zhao yunlan, chinese, pairing: shen wei / zhao yunlan, screencaps, show: guardian

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