abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

10 Multifandom icons for Monthlyinspo Round 24

I didm't think I was going to enter this month but I suddenly got inspired. :D Round 24 at monthlyinspo was about opposite icons. Hover for fandom.


Close crop+still    Facing left           Happy /cheerful       Manga+B&W        Villain+bright

Far crop+animated  Facing right      Distressed          Manga+Colourful      Hero+dark


Tags: animation: kuragihime, animation: oushitsu kyoushi haine, char: amy pond, char: daenerys targaryen, char: queenie goldstein, char: shen wei, char: ye zun, icons, movie: crimes of grindelwald, movie: fantastic beasts fbawtft, princess jellyfish, show: doctor who, show: game of thrones, show: guardian

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