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19 celebs+1 Riverdale icon for Round 13 @ icons10in20

Sooo,I wasn't really planning on doing this round but since I suddenly had the urge to make some icons that were not fandom related,I totally did! XD These icons are for round 13 at [community profile] icons10in20 . Draw inspiration used inspo from the wings icon by [personal profile] emmatheslayer for round 7. I also have way too many Zhu Yilong icons but resisted putting them in this post. >_<


Text on face Borders Angled Muted Neg. space+simple
Sweater weather Obscure crop Snowy Draw inspiration The end

Row 1: Deepika Padukone,Kirsten Dunst, Zhu Yilong, Ezra Miller, Zhu Zang Jin
Row 2: Xiao Zhan, Lili Reinhart, Emma Watson, Cole Sprouse, Riverdale S3 finale

Misc. Celebrity icons

2X Adelaide Kane, Bai Yu, Exra Miller, Gao Yu Er
Lana Del Rey, Keira Knightley, Xiao Zhan, 2 X Zhu Yilong
Credit:Texture used in the 1st Adelaide Kane icon is by [personal profile] wunderkind_lucy  

Tags: celeb: adelaide kane, celeb: bai yu, celeb: cole sprouse, celeb: emma watson, celeb: ezra miller, celeb: gao yu er, celeb: keira knightley, celeb: kirsten dunst, celeb: lana del rey, celeb: lili reinhart, celeb: xiao zhan, celeb: zhu yilong, celebs, icons, icons10in20, show: riverdale

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