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Icon tutorial-Sabrina icon

Hello,guys! On Dreamwidth at icontalking we're having an 'Ask the maker' activity this month and a guide on getting the icon below has been requested. Please know that although there are many and other sophisticated ways of creating icons, the methods I use are very basic & work for me on photoshop CS2.lol,yes,old app,I know. :D

We're using this cap from The Chilling adventures of Sabrina.

1. Crop the image using 1:1 or 100px X 100px.

2. Duplicate the layer. Set it on 'screen'. Sharpen the layer. This will give us a brightened icon.

3.The brightened layer was too bright so I changed the opacity & fill to 90%.

4.Now merge the layers or on a new layer choose ‘apply image’. This will be our base layer.
5.Duplicate the base layer twice. Name them to make it easier. Move one layer up and the other one down.

6.Select the middle part and flip the ‘base’ layer. Or you can just flip the layer.

7.On a new layer set to ‘clipping mask’ over the middle layer, fill with a bright colour. Set this layer on ‘Saturation’.

8.For the upper layer, make it black & white. I used a white layer set on 'Color'.

9.The lower one will be coloured red. I used a red layer on ‘Multiply’ to get the effect.

10.Change the brightness & contrast to get a less saturated look.

11.Merge or ‘apply image’ to get the final icon. You can stop here but I wanted a subtle change.

12. One last thing. :)  Set the FINAL layer on ‘soft light’ with 50-60 % opacity & fill. DONE!

Please, don't hesitate to ask questions. I may not be very good at tutorials so I'd be happy to clarify anything that might be confusing.

Tutorial with pictures if it helps.

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