abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

30 icons of The Untamed & Reign for Historamedy365.

I chose to do 30 icons in July for both The Untamed and Reign at historamedy365. This is quite relaxing since it's not a challenge, but set of prompts. You can choose to do 30 icons in a month, 50 icons in 180 days or 100 icons in 365 days so if you're interested,head over to the comm and sign up. :)

As you can repeat 3 themes, I replaced the prompts mood with minimal, comic with duo and danger with 2 colours.


Face Only Edge Minimal* Cold Colour Warm colour
50/50 Lips Gradient Unusual Crop Not feeling good
Two colours Tiny Text Duo* Fake BG Purple
Duo Geometric Serious Full body Vibrant
Two colours* Minimal Looking down Friendship Right
Artist's Choice 1 Artist's Choice 2 Artist's Choice 3 Artist's Choice 4 Artist's Choice 5

Take any icons with credit,please. :)
Tags: char: francis, char: greer, char: kenna, char: lan wangji / lan zhan, char: mary stuart, char: wei ying /wei wuxian, historamedy365, icons, show: reign, show: the untamed

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