abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

50 animation icons for historamedy365-COMPLETED!!


I signed up for a set of 50 icons over 180 days centered around animation this time for historamedy365. You can click the months to see the themes for August , September , October, November & December! I made 5 icons from ten shows/movies, mostly animes but also other animation, whew. Hover for the month.

Animations included:
1.Is the order a rabbit?  2. Yona of the dawn  3. Orange  4. Mo Dao Zu Shi 5.Earl & Fairy
6.Given 7. Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine   8. The Dragon Prince  9. Black Butler 10.The disastrous life of Saiki K.


Colour block Sky Nature Sparkles On the ground
Faceless Red Feminine Having fun Surprise
Ensemble Night Partial face Green Off center
Faded One eye Lighting My favourite Looking back
Hug Visible Texture Hair Heart Cute
Profile Negative Space Shock Heartbreak Yellow
Beautiful Duo Four Squares LMAO Space
Green Small Pastel Black and white Profile
Costume details 3 levels Full body Star Night
Cry Grunge texture Warm clothing Bright Pink

Tags: animation: earl and fairy, animation: given, animation: is the order a rabbit?, animation: kuroshitsuji, animation: mo dao zu shi, animation: orange, animation: oushitsu kyoushi haine, animation: the dragon prince, animation: yona of the dawn, char: akihiko kaji, char: alois trancy, char: chino kafu, char: ciel phantomhive, char: claude faustus, char: claudia, char: cocoa hoto, char: edgar ashenbert, char: ezran, char: haruki nakayama, char: jiang cheng, char: jiang yanli, char: kai von grannzreichm char: bruno v, char: kakeru naruse, char: lan xichen, char: leonhardt von grannzreich, char: licht von grannzreich, char: lydia carlton, char: mafuyu sato, char: naho takamiya, char: rayla, char: saiki k, char: sebastian michaelis, char: sharo kirima, char: soo-won, char: soren, char: wei wuxian, char: yona, historamedy365, icons

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