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20 Multifandom Heroes vs. Villains icons for somein30

Hey guys!I almost thought I wouldn't get to make a set of twenty this time,lol. But here it is-my 10 heroes & ten villains.
I went with the hard mode for Round 2 at somein30, using the given tropes,music videos & colour palettes plus my own research of tropes for inspiration. :D Hover for fandoms & character.
Music Video in 16th icon: You should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish. I know some might argue that Wei Wuxian could be an antihero.
The Quote in 7th icon: "A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself."
Joseph Campbell


Action  Girl +
Pragmatic  Hero
Chaotic Good+ jerk
with a golden heart
Big Damn Heroes Rescue+Kind+
Kid Hero
Jerk with a
golden heart
Action Girl Quote+
Humble Hero
Action Girl +
Action Girl Heroic Sacrifice
Tragic Villain Evil Genius Villain Protagonist Ambiguously Evil+
MV:When you're Evil
Femme Fatale
Diabolical+MV:you should
see me in a crown
Colour palette
Drop of poison
Face Heel turn Affably Evil Evil Gloating+

Icon table generated by Chlor's Dreamwidth Icon Table Generator.

Take any icons with credit. :)
Tags: animation: attack on titan, animation: bleach, animation: code geass, animation: death note, animation: gintama, animation: katekyo hitman reborn, animation: kuroshitsuji, animation: miraculous ladybug, animation: mo dao zu shi, animation: psycho pass, animation: the sleeping beauty, char: ada wong, char: dante, char: dean winchester, char: jiang cheng, char: lelouch vi britannia, char: light yagami, char: loki, char: makishima shougo, char: maleficent, char: marinette, char: mikasa ackerman, char: misaka mikoto, char: mulan, char: rukia kuchiki, char: sakata gintoki, char: sam winchester, char: sebastian michaelis, char: sephiroth, char: wei wuxian, char: ye zun, game: devil may cry, icons, movie: mulan rise of a warrior, movie: thor the dark world, show: guardian, show: supernatural, show: the untamed, somein30

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