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18 Multifandom icons for somein30 round 4

Hover to see the fandom and style I used!

This round at somein30 was all about going down the memory lane.I picked a lot of my older fandoms that I used to enjoy iconing and also added in the styles that I used at that time or ones I tend to use for a specific show/movie etc. so I guess that's the super hard mode?!:D

2010 2011 2012 2013 2013
2014 2014 2015 2015 2015
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2018 2019 2020

During 2010 to 2012 I didn't make icons but Naruto,Bleach and Pretty Little Liars were things I used to watch a looot of!I used to read fics and make fanarts of Naruto and Bleach.I went with the style in the inspo post for the 2012 icon.
This was when I started iconing after joining merlinstills.I fell in love with BBC Merlin and iconing was the way I was present in the fandom.That half/half style was one of my favourite things to do while iconing Morgana.
At this time I used to make graphics of and listen to TVXQ a lot and they're still my most favourite Kpop band! I didn't icon them at the time but levels were still my favourite technique.
I was very active in the Harry Potter fandom from 2012 and I joined a lot of fests in 2014.I didn't used to icon HP back then but I used to use the lines a lot,especially with vibrant colours.I also used a lot of white light spots.

I used to icon a lot of actresses and Cara Delevingne(still only a model then I think!) was a favourite  subject of mine. I used to icon her with a lot of fake BGs and that particualr texture a lot.With some bokeh.
Emma Roberts had become one of my latest favourite actress at the time and I used to do use white curvy lines in icons.
I watched Free! and I fell so hard for ReiGisa(Rei and Nagisa). Reading fics and looking at fanarts of this ship...*sigh*

Who knew I'd end up loving BBC Musketeers so much?!I didn't!The characters were all some of my favourites,the action and the  drama yesss!But most of all I loved Constance and D'Artagnan so very much!:D

I watched Miraculous Ladybug in French because I thought that was the original language and I was surprised by how much Adrian and Marinette's love square interests me!Yeah,I binge watched this!!Fake BG with BG text was used a lot in my icons too.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn...Very late to this but oh boy,how hard I fell for the characters, the story, the plot and one of my OTPs: GokuderaXYamamoto.Iconing KHR with vibrant colours was just the way to go.

What can I say about Yuri on Ice?Just that I went in with no expectations and ended up with my most favourite anime ever. I watched it thrice in 2017! Victuuri was and still is one of my top 5 OTPs.I listen to the OST even now at times! Lighting was definitely my favourite thing to do in 2017.

Again,laaate but so glad to have watched Reign at this time.The outfits and Queen Mary,aaah,she's beauty and grace and I just love this show so much!I watched the whole four seasons of it without skipping a single episode! Florals and warm colouring was a staple for iconing this show.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them:a movie my friend recommended and I was not keen on watching because I thought the magic of HP would not be there.So wrong,this movie ended up being my favourite thing and I'd watched it around 6-7 times that year.
Sapes in the BG was something I tended to use for this movie icons.

This year was when I found the Guardian fandom and oh my gosh,the way I fell into it was shocking!Fanart,icons,fanvids,I made so many things for it! The whole of 2019 was all Guardian for me.I love using the big+small or front/behind character,especially to show Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan (WeiLan) because their love is sometimes painful but oh sooo good because of how much they're so obviously in love and are the perfect partners in crime!

The Untamed is what kept me happy this year,one of my top top shows and one I've rewatched many times. This fandom is very active and I ended up logging back into twitter for it!No regrets! Lan Xichen X Jiang Cheng (Xicheng) is now one of my OTPs and I must have read over a hundred fanfics of them! I do use a lot of pinky colouring and saturated style for The Untamed so I combined the two.

Tags: animation: bleach, animation: free!, animation: katekyo hitman reborn, animation: miraculous ladybug, animation: naruto, animation: yuri on ice!!!, char: gokudera hayato, char: jiang cheng, char: lan xichen, char: shen wei, char: yamamoto takeshi, char: zhao yunlan, icons, movie: fantastic beasts fbawtft, show: bbc merlin, show: bbc musketeers, show: guardian, show: once upon a time, show: pretty little liars, show: reign, show: the untamed, somein30

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