abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

A Wolfstar Valentine Exchange?!Maybe.

I've kind of been thinking of doing a Valentine's day exchange for the coming year of course,much like the Secret Santa exchange except that people get assigned as Valentines to other people.Only thing is I'm having trouble trying to think of how to set up the gifters and giftees.Basically I want to make sure that everyone gets to receive  amount of presents.

Now,the medium of gifts would be (1) Fics (2) Ficlets/Drabble (3)Artwork/fanarts
And the pairing essentially would be
Remus/Sirius.Good? But then I thought,that since a lot of us tend to like a bit of
Remus/Regulus or
Sirius/Regulus or even
Remus/Regulus/Sirius, the gifts would have to be about these four pairings alone, any one,all four,any two,whatever floats your boat.Right?Still with me? ^_^!!

Soooo,now I don't know how many participants I could get for this because I'm not exactly thinking of having a community for this(I don't know if there are communities for this sort of thing already)!Hopefully,if some of the friends could promote it when I finally get around to setting proper rules and such,we could have lots of works and gifts and love all around!

For now,I want to see if some of you guys out there on LJ,AO3,Fanfiction.net are into the idea,even if a little bit.So drop me a comment if you guys are,alrighty?!Then I'll set some deadlines and signups and all that,but roughly,

Signup period-December(Till mid-december depending on the number of people)
Gifts making persiod-January(all of it and maybe a bit of december)
Final deadline-Around February first week.
Valentine's day-Somehow I post the links and such here and reveal who is whose Valentine and all.

So,keeping fingers crossed for good times!Ta!!
Tags: pairing: remus lupin / sirius black, valentine exchange

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