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12 icons of things that made me happy in 2020

Aaah!So late to post this for Round 20 at icons10in20 where we had to icon things that made us happy in 2020 or choose themes from older challenges and create icons. I chose the Joys of 2020 so here they are! Hover for fandom. Some explanations are under the icons if anybody is interested!XD


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1.The Untamed is the show of this year for me,I ended up finding a very active fandom,very lovely friends who ship what I ship and stayed out of the drama filled zones. Win win!

2.I practiced a lot of baking,making cakes,designing them and I'm so happy with the progress that I ended up making this year!
I mean I went from sloppy flowers to...not sloppy ones!

3.Spending time just sitting,chatting and having tea with my parents happened so naturally,the lockdown days were lonely but also peaceful.

4.BTS songs are usually great but nothing too special for me.However, Dynamite came out at a time when I was just so freakin sad about everything,felt so down that I ended up going MIA from my social media with real friends. This song was so cheerful,so hopeful and it just did something to me that lifted my spirits up a lot. :)

5.Soooo,I never got around to properly watching the Kung Fu panda movies but my neighbour's children were watching it and I ended up watching it with them and I can highly recommend it even if you're like nearly 30 yrs old,lol.

6.I finally watched The Dragon Prince!I love the characters more than anything to be honest but Claudia,haha,she has my heart!

7.This anime is just such a feel good anime,so light,so cute, not complex,I'd recommend it if you need a little unwinding with a cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake!

8.Aaaah Crash Landing on you.How everyone talked about it!And for good reasons. The drama! The love, the couples and the realistic but happy in a way ending-just loved it!!

9.I finally watched all 3 Rush Hour movies properly because I wanted to introduce my neighbours' kids to some good old,action,police,comedy movies and I can say, they have good taste in movies now,lol!

10.Super M is one Kpop band that has my heart.I love these boys and the way they're working hard,bringing out one amazing song after another!

11.I got to draw a lot of fanarts this year,some for the drawesome community and quite a bit for The Untamed and Mo dao Zu shi.

12.This Chinese show-awww.Modern-day author finds herself waking up in her story that wasn't working out so well and hilarity+drama ensues! So much drama,it was a bit long (24 epsiodes!) but very cute and satisfying!

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