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Icon Progression Post-2020

Welcome to 2020's icon progression post. We're doing this as January's activity at icontalking on Dreamwidth. This was such a fun post to make!
Hover over the icons to see the names.

There were quite a lot of icons made in this month but I was busy so I used a lot of lighting and saturation on the original BG or levels for many icons of tv shows/movies/celebs. From the look of things though,by the end of the month I was back to using my fake BG techniques. I was more into iconing animated shows/movies this month and put more effort into those.However I watched Maleficent 2 and had a blast iconing it for some challenges! :D

Not a whole lot of icons this month because I was heartbroken(LOL) and because I entered only one 20in20 challenge (with Maleficent 2!) at
tvmovie20in20 and I made icons for lots of small challenges on Livejournal. Quite a number of celebrity icons were made this month especially using the swirl textures I found!

Now this was a busy busy month.Probably because I started getting restless with the lockdowns starting very seriously. So lots of computer time,movie watching and iconing happened! Weirdly,I made a lot of purple-violet coloured icons! I noticed it while compiling this post but in every icon post this month I had at least 2-3 icons that were in the blue-violet range! Also yes,lots and lots of icons of The Untamed, its cast members and Chronicles of Narnia were made!

I entered a lot of Colour challenges at color_inspired &
iconingsquared on LJ and iconcolors on DW so there are many solid coloured icons this month. We also had a comics battle at iconbattles on DW. There was an amazing round at disney20in20 on DW and I made some of my best looking icons of Frozen for it using variety of techniques throughout the set! I tried out some blending and more complex work in the backgrounds of my icons.

Whatever happened in May? Sounds like a movie title. I do remember going offline from most of my social media except Twitter and AO3 (for reading fanfics).
While I didn't enter any 20in20s, I did make icons for itsabattlefield,
color_inspired and celeb_it. I stuck to simpler styles like fake BG+textures but didn't get super adventurous this month unless you count the 4th and 5th ones of this month(my faves!)

Okay so I made plenty of icons this month. I watched Mo Dao Zu Shi, Sanditon, Annihilation and a bit of Crash Landing on you. As for styles, I used lots of vibrant colours, complex compositions,text-just the way I like it! :D This month's icons were all so colourful and vibrant as compared to what I'd been doing before this! Ah,I think I was getting out of the weird funk I'd been in and starting to feel better because the world was starting to get moving again...kind of.

This was the month when historamedy365 was back on LJ and DW with lots of prompts so there was variety to play with from textures to technique to colours etc. I made 30 icons of Reign and The Untamed in July,surprising even myself with such a large number of icons in one month! I made icons of The King's Avatar and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun for tvmovie20in20. One round at narnia20in20 was also involved.The sunshine-challenge was running on Dreamwidth and it was all about the colours of the rainbow.

I watched Frozen 2,yay! Made icons for disney20in20, fandom10in30,
tvmovie20in20,the7days and of course other challenges at
celeb_it, tvshowsic etc. Lots of animated icons this month,thanks to icontalking's movement themed round.

This month was all about Crash landing on you!XD I finished it and iconed it for many comms. somein30 also started and there were lots of technical prompts to try out for it. Levels are always my favourite things to do and I did quite a bit of that this month. :D
Lots of text,haha! I also iconed some stock for stocklove_ic.

I was more busy with Drawtober this month and just being active on twitter.But oh my gosh,I got obsessed with the font October twilight(the curvy one) and I used it for a few icons this month. Some of my more complicated icons were made for the villains vs. heroes
round at somein30. I did make quite a bit of icons for October's
prompts at historamedy365.

I made some super vibrant icons for somein30 this month(the first 2). They were not at all my style and were more based on the inspo post so they look very different but oh man,do they look niiiice!Some very muted+pastel icons were also made for the same round!
The 5th icon here is one of my faves of 2020,I love how the softness with the white turned out. There was an amnesty round at iconcolors so I made a lot of icons using colour palettes. Went nostalgic with Sabrina the teenage witch & Black Butler. The 8th icon was something unusual for a faceless prompt at tvmovie20in20.

I actually love the Billie Eilish and Kate Middleton icons for celeb_it so much!:D The 1st and 10th icons are two of my other faves from this month because of the colour combos. The 2nd,3rd and 4th icons had such nice BGs that I mostly worked on refining the colours and sharpness. The 7th icon(for the Supernatural battle) is one I like for the cute colour combo. I was far too busy to enter tvmovie20in20's round this month which was sad because it's one of the few comms running the traditional 20in20 style challenges anymore & I can icon animated shows and movies too!

Overall, I  went from my muted style towards which I was veering to at the end of 2019, to a more vibrant style. I also tried out more compositions and used levels almost every month! Apart from playing it safe, I also tried mixing lots of things in one icon and working with lighting again. My animation has definitely gotten smoother. I can't wait to see how this year's icons turn out and what I will find myself using more of!
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