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100 fandoms challenge-2021-In progress!

We're back with the table for this year's [community profile] 100fandomicons with lots of new and old prompts! Let's get started!

001. accessory002. alive003. animal004. arrow005. away
006. birthday007. black and white008. blue009. blur010. body part
011. brilliant012. celestial013. collage014. comic015. cool
016. courage017. cozy018. crowd019. dance020. dark
021. dirty022. discover023. disney024. down025. drawing
026. dream027. faded028. fall029. family030. fantasy
031. fight032. final033. fire034. flower035. food
036. friends037. game038. ghost039. green040. grey
041. guest042. hair043. half044. heart045. here
046. history047. hope048. hug049. king050. kiss
051. laughing052. letter053. lighting054. mask055. mirror
056. monochrome057. moon058. morning059. music060. negative space
061. new062. night063. noise064. numbers065. old
066. opera / musical067. outfit068. party069. perfection070. polka dots
071. profile072. promise073. quotation074. rain075. red
076. run077. scenery078. shadows079. sleeping080. speed
081. spring082. star083. stock084. suit085. sun
086. sunglasses087. swing088. text089. textured090. three
091. time092. turn093. up094. water095. waves
096. weeping097. welcome098. wisdom099. work100. yellow

Fandoms: 1:Tangled 2 3:Cinderella (1950) 4:Bleach  5
6 7:Kingsman the secret service 8:Pretty little liars 9 10
11:the queen's gambit 12:Fairy Tail 13.Death Note 14 15
16 17 18:The Miniaturist 19 20:Hannibal
21 22 23 24:to dear myself 25
26 27 28 29 30
31: Tekken   32   33:Katekyo hitman reborn   34:Barbie as the princess & the pauper   35:The romance of tiger and rose
36   37:Valkyrie profile 2:Silmeria   38   39:Umineko no naku koro ni   40:Final fantasy type 0
   41   42  43:Twilight   44   45
46:Marie Antoinette   47:FF XIII-2   48:Cherry Magic!   49:BBC Merlin  50:WBL-fighting mr. second
51   52:Mansfield Park  53:Lord of the rings  54:Cassanova   55:Wandavision
56: The Spanish princess  58:Supergirl  59:Aladdin liveaction
60:acca 13-ku kansatsu-ka to 65
65 66: Bohemian Rhapsody   67:Princess principal   68   69:Black Swan 70:Love stage
71:The chilling adventures of Sabrina  72   73:Emma(2020) 75:Guardian
76   77:Non non biyori   78   79:Mawaru Penguindrum  80
81:Ancient detective 82 83:The hunger games  84:Oushitsu kyoushi Haine 85
86   87   88:Why women kill  89  90
91:Doctor Who  92   93:Avatar the Last airbender   94:Fairyland lovers 95
96:The Untamed  97  98 99:Ratatuoille 100:Hikaru no go

Tags: 100 fandoms icon challenge, 2021, animation: acca 13 ku kansatsu ka, animation: avatar the last airbender, animation: bleach, animation: cinderella, animation: death note, animation: fairy tail, animation: katekyo hitman reborn, animation: love stage, animation: mawaru penguindrum, animation: oushitsu kyoushi haine, animation: princess principal, animation: ratatouille, animation: tangled, animation: umineko no naku koro ni, char: belle, game: valkyrie profile, movie: black swan, movie: bohemian rhapsody, movie: cassanova, movie: emma, movie: marie antoinette, movie: twilight, show: ancient detective, show: bbc merlin, show: doctor who, show: guardian, show: hannibal, show: hikaru no go, show: pretty little liars, show: supergirl, show: the miniaturist, show: the queen's gambit, show: the romance of tiger and rose, show: the spanish princess, show: the untamed, show: to dear myself, show: we best love-fighting mr. second

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