abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

20 Multifandom icons for somein30 round 5

This round at somein30 was super inspiring and challenging!It was all about the atmosphere and I went with the hard mode in which I chose some of the 8 atmospheres given in the inspo post. This round really gave me a chance to icon some movies that I've rarely iconed! Hover over the icon for fandoms! Take any icon you like!


Sense of Wonder Sense of Wonder Sense of Wonder Mysterious Mysterious
Stress Stress Stress Aggression Aggression
Rustic Rustic Rustic Somber Somber
Romantic Romantic Romantic Serenity Serenity


Tags: animation: katekyo hitman reborn, animation: miraculous ladybug, animation: tangled, char: dartagnan, char: lan wangji / lan zhan, char: marinette, char: shen wei, char: wei wuxian, char: wei ying /wei wuxian, icons, movie: annihilation, movie: black swan, movie: crimson peak, show: bbc merlin, show: bbc musketeers, show: crash landing on you, show: guardian, show: reign, show: the romance of tiger and rose, show: the untamed, somein30

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