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25 Movie icons for dailyicons-COMPLETED!

Yes, it's another table that I've completed for [community profile] dailyicons .You can claim anything from general claims to specific ones.I went for movies this time.

Status: 25/25

01:Close up02:Fierce03:Profile04:Frame05:Hats
06:Pretty07: Cheerful08:B&W09:Glasses10:Look down
11:Hands12: Four Squares13:Hair14:Red15:Double
16:On the road17:Faceless18:Flower19:Uniform20:Stripes
21:Team22:Peaceful23:Text24:Smile25: Work

1.The Chronicles of Narnia 1
2.Aladdin 2019
3.Black Swan 2010
4.Marie Antoinette 2006
5.Emma 2020
6.Aladdin 2019
7.Your lie in April
8.Kingsman the secret service
9.The devil wears Prada
10.Little Women(2019)
11,12,13- The Hunger Games
14.The Hunger games-Mockingjay 2
15.Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix
16.Rush Hour 3
17.Doctor Strange
18.The Wizard of Oz
19.Vampire Academy
20.My tomorrow,your yesterday
21:Kung Fu Panda
22:Marie Antoinette(2006)
23: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
24:Maleficent:Mistress of Evil

Tags: animation: kung fu panda, animation: ratatouille, char: jasmine, char: lucy pevensie, dailyicons, icons, movie: aladdin 2019, movie: black swan, movie: doctor strange, movie: emma, movie: harry potter, movie: kingsman the secret service, movie: little women, movie: maleficent mistress of evil, movie: rush hour, movie: the chronicles of narnia, movie: the devil wears prada, movie: the hunger games, movie: the wizard of oz, movie: vampire academy

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