abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

Icon praise post- January 2021

I'd stopped after a few months last time and missed doing these. Let's give it a try.
There are 35 lovely icons made in the month of January that I really liked.

[personal profile] delacourtings [personal profile] fueschgast [personal profile] shinsengumi [personal profile] green [personal profile] ideare

[personal profile] tinny [personal profile] mithrial [personal profile] torncurtain [personal profile] laxirya [personal profile] magicrubbish

[personal profile] sallymn [personal profile] colls [personal profile] 22degreehalo [personal profile] geckoholic [personal profile] luminousdaze

[personal profile] delacourtings [personal profile] alexia_drake [personal profile] 22degreehalo [personal profile] aliensamba uglybusiness

[personal profile] magicrubbish [personal profile] luminousdaze [personal profile] thesleepingbeauty [personal profile] torncurtain [personal profile] colls

Vanessa_lj [personal profile] alexia_drake [personal profile] magicrubbish [personal profile] tinny [personal profile] thesleepingbeauty

uglybusiness [personal profile] ella_rose88 vanessa_lj [personal profile] xojasberry [personal profile] delacourtings


Tags: 2021, icon praise post, icons

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