abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

20 Celebrity icons for somein30 round 6

Round 6 at somein30 is centered around minimalism and complexity.I've been gearing more towards minimalist icons lately so my complex icons are more levels style rather than blending or more creative ideas!:D
I decided to do a round of celebs this time in normal mode!


Liu Hai Kuan Wang ZhuoCheng Xiao Zhan Wang Yibo Ji Li
Emilia Clarke Saoirse Ronan Anne Hathaway Rihanna Amanda Seyfried
Bai Yu Zhu Yilong Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan Lee Taemin
Saoirse Ronan Xuan Lu Selena Gomez Karen Gillan Zoey Meng

Tags: celeb: anne hathaway, celeb: bai yu, celeb: ji li, celeb: karen gillan, celeb: lee taemin, celeb: liu hai kuan, celeb: rihanna, celeb: saoirse ronan, celeb: selena gomez, celeb: wang yibo, celeb: xiao zhan, celeb: xuan lu, celeb: zhu yilong, celeb: zoey meng, icons, somein30

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