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15 Multifandom icons for somein30 Round 7

This round at somein30 was a randomized icon challenge where we got 20 random prompts and oh my,it was so much fun!:D Hover to see the fandom names and prompts.The inspos and explanations are below the icon set.All icons are free to take with credit.




Explanation of some of the icons:
Icon 3- the prompt was:Random Praise:very interesting composition and pretty colouring. I tried using a few different elements in this icon to make it look interesting!:D

Icon 5- A part of the lyrics was 'You've been on my mind' and I just had to icon my favourite ship in the MDZS/The Untamed verse-XiCheng!!

Icon 6- This movie poster:
I went with using the black outfit,the white-ish BG and of course the title in this icon.

Icon 10- Remake of this icon:
I likedthe spring-y vibe using the colours in this icon originally so I kept that and tried doing it in a different way.

Icon 11-The song title was Win,Lose or Draw. I just knew I wanted to icon The Queen's Gambit for this one!

Icon 12- This was the Inspo icon:
by petite_tomate. I couldn't resist the blue, of course. The rest of the inspo shows in the 3 characters,shadow on the ground and the vibrant lighting.

Icon 13- Album cover: Half Japanese Volume 4 1997-2001.
This one was difficult at first because I couldn't decide how I wanted to take the inspo.Then I decided to use Japanese actors and do the half-half composition on it. Park Shin Hye's outfit is also black and white like the cover!:D

Icon 14: This book cover:
Williamsburg by Tim McNeese. I used the banner on the top part of the cover,the trees and the sky as inspo for the Emma icon.

Tags: animation: death note, animation: future diary, animation: psycho pass, char: da qing, char: jiang cheng, char: light yagami, char: makishima shougo, char: misa amane, char: yuuno gasai, char: zhao yunlan, char: zhu hong, icons, show: bbc merlin, show: game of thrones, show: guardian, show: sanditon, show: the queen's gambit, show: the untamed, somein30

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