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20 Cherry Magic Icons for Round 8 @ somein30+ 30 more

AAHHHH!!!So glad that I could have that extension!Thank you mods at somein30 . I heart you guys!
Extra hard mode for this one-yay!! Kurosawa Yuichi and Adachi Kiyoshi from Cherry Magic!30 years of virginity can make you a wizard?!


ALTs+more CM icons I made for other comms.

As always,take any icons with credit!

It was a tough decision to choose the pairing I wanted to do for this round but KuroDachi inspired me more at the moment.
Soooo when I first saw the info on this round,I was planning on a whole set of Gao Shi De and Zhou Shu Yi from We best love. BUUUUT!Then I watched Cherry Magic! And oh my goodness,did I find a Japanese BL drama with a normal,healthy relationship, pining and falling in love?!Plus office romance?! YES I DID!What a rare gem those are in the manga world and harder to find in dramas! I even read the manga but I ended up liking the drama more...say what?!

A bit about the drama:
So the story starts with Adachi who turns 30 and gets magical powers that lets him read the thoughts of anyone he touches.LOL! Turns out that the ace of the Sales department Kurosawa Yuichi has been in love with him for years. Lots of character development,feelings and fun ensues.It's such a fluffy drama with quite a bit of angst and some more angst(which I left out of my icon set) but eventual happy ending.I'm a sucker for those!

Some  of the textwork here are what Adachi hears through his powers when he comes in contact with Kurosawa,like in the 5th and 13th icons.

If you watch this drama and like it,come die with me over it,please?!
Tags: char: adachi kiyoshi, char: kurosawa yuichi, icons, show: cherry magic!, somein30

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