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Original Slash Fic recs

So,the other day I went browsing around in Fictionpress.net for like the first time ever,for real I mean. And I found these slash or m/m-whichever you prefer-stories up there.And some of them are just so absolutely gorgeous,I just had to had to rec them!!Onwaaaard!

Husband for the holidays
Word count~42000
Summary:What Preston needed was a Christmas miracle. Was his boss's offer of a marriage of convenience heaven-sent or was Preston making a deal with the devil? M/M, Oral, Anal

Word count~45000
Summary:Ryan doesn't know what he's doing with Rupert, but he sure as hell knows he likes it. Though, why that is is yet to be discovered. M/M.
The writing,the thinking,the realistic way this is done is frankly,quite amazing!I finished it in half a day! :D!

Word Count:19700
Summary:*ONE SHOT* A man falls in love with his son's classroom helper…. a boy who talks in his sleep... but for how long can he ignore his past….Slash

Francis and Wesley
Rating: T
Word count:1500
Summary:"I can think about him without crying, because I know that I've got Francis. He makes everything so much easier. I love him."
This was something entirely different than I've read before,very angst-ridden and kind of haunting but so worth a read.

Big,grand joke
Word count~7500
Summary:"What if you met the right man, the one who made your chest tighten and not just because he was good at giving head?" SLASH, M/M. Five-shot.
Amazing!!Honestly,I just love the style of writing in this.And the oblivious men of course!

You were the first
Word count~2000
Summary:M/M. ONESHOT. All of it's just a joke. Funny, he actually feels bad about lying to the fag more so than actually kissing or holding him.
He feels strange, like he's not good enough for someone like Tarquin Blake.

Six to one
Word count~800
Summary:An angst-ridden one shot.

Yes,these have lots of angst in them,but some of them do have their happy endings!!
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