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RS Valentine exchange update and Sign-ups

Here's a little update and the information about this exchange! :)
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Note:1)You don't have to watch me to enter this exchange. 2)You don't have to be a LJ user, as long as there is some way you can give and receive gifts whether through deviantart,fanfiction.net,AO3 or email.

What this is about?
As the heading says, it's a valentine exchange for R/S or Remus/Sirius or as the name goes-'Wolfstar'-fics and art between the shippers.
But here's the thing, it doesn't have to be just about Remus and Sirius,our adorable,lovable,smexy puppies alone though I'm sure that in itself is enough to keep us all happy. It must have Sirius/Remus but you can include some *cough* threesome*cough* because we all know that we all enjoy them.Right?

What actually happens?
Once the spots are filled(I'm keeping it to ten participants for now) and the sign-up period is over, I'll go over the forms filled by everyone and pair up two participants, then create gift(s) for their Valentine.[Participants will remain anonymous to each other until the Valentine posting]

The amount hopefully is right to ensure that everyone gets the same amount of gifts,if not,then let me know,alright?I'm still new to this.
Fanfictions:Minimum 1000 words.
Drabbles/Ficlets: At least 500-600. :D
Artwork:Taditional or digital.It doesn't have to be coloured, if sketchy or monochrome is your style,then go ahead but no rough or unfinished works please, you want your Valentine to love your gift,now don't you?! ^_^!
Graphics:Wallpapers,Icons(at least 5),Headers,Friends-only banners,love banners, anything goes actually as long as it has Sirius and Remus in it!
Ratings must be mentioned. If I get a good response,I'll update with the submission rules and the rest.

The main thing here I wanted to go for are colours,I'll explain.Basically,you name three of your favourites colour and your gifter will make their gifts for you using the colours as a prompt or incorporating the colours in their work,take it however you will. Vice versa,you will make the gifts for your giftee according to the prompts given by them. Easy?Feel free to ask me if you have questions.

Time period
Signups will last until all spots are taken. Then there will be the gift-making period lasting through the rest of January till 7th February,this is so that if you're in doubt or need extension,you can let me know and I'll arrange for it! :D!
Gifts should be sent by 13th February by latest so I can start posting by 14th or 15thI'll post the gifts on my page and also mail everyone with a notification.If there is however any problem,don't hesitate to contact and let me know through a PM,I'm very nice!honestly! ^_^!

So there it is, hopefully everything is clear. No?!feel free to ask questions and promote this in any way you can.And most of all.Have fun!

Form is below in the textarea. Just copy and paste it in the comments section.If you're not a LJ user,please give a recognizable name.Sorry about the messy textarea.If anyone knows how to make it less messy,let me know!Copy paste the form below the textarea if the textarea is troublesome!

Username: (If using Fanfiction.net or AO3,please link to your profile)
Email(optional): (Compulsory if you don't use LJ or fanfiction or AO3)

Types of gifts you want to receive:(Fanfictions,Drabbles/Ficlets,Artworks,icons,wallpapers etc.)
Types of gifts you prefer not to receive:
Prompts:Your three favourite colours.
Kinks(optional):(if you want any, but it may not necessarily be a part of the work since your gifter may not be comfortable with it)

Types of gifts you're willing to give:
Ships/kinks you don't mind gifting:
Are you willing to pinch-hit? (If someone cannot finish in time, you may be asked to fill in.)

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 photo valban_zps46d6eb7d.jpg

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 photo vban1_zps521a3d55.jpg
Tags: char: remus lupin, pairing: remus lupin / sirius black, valentine exchange

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