abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

The introduction thing!

If you have recognised the greatest couple AKA, Wolfstar up there, you and I must be soul mates or something,okay,no,just hey,you're definitely going on my friend-list if i know!^^!

I can be found on many of the sites, just take a look at my sidebar for more info. You're welcome to add me on any of those. Also I'm big into iconing for countless fandoms so my page will mainly have icon posts.

Icon communities I mod / co-mod:

I first signed up here to stay in touch with people in the Bleach fandom and now it's the ultimate RemusSirius aka Wolfstar that has made me want to come back and get a social life other than in Fanfiction.net and Deviantart !
I'm an avid reader of fanfictions,mostly R/S from Harry Potter(no surprise there),a bit of a writer,a bit of an artist,and some of  DIY/crafts lover and doer of them,lol!

Fandoms I indulge in:
Harry Potter (Iconing  and writing)
Guardian C-Drama (Drawing, iconing, reading)
Sherlock BBC (iconing, occasioally reading)
Merlin BBC (iconing)
Supernatural (Iconing)
Once upon a time (Iconing)
Doctor Who (Iconing)
Yuri on ice! (Drawing,iconing,reading)
Free! (Drawing, iconing, reading)

Countless other animes
Disney movies/cartoons (Iconing mostly)
Final Fantasy and more to come. :)

My banners from various challenges.

Tags: fandoms, introduction, masterlist

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