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Pairing: Regulus/Remus

Summary: 5 different prompts, five short fics and drabbles centering around Regulus and Remus.For the OTP bootcamp challenge.

Rating: K-T

Disclaimer: Characters belong to J.K Rowling.

Prompt 1/50: Quiver
Word count~600

Remus couldn't tell when it had exactly began or when he had started noticing it himself but he does know that at present, it is the very reason he was freezing off his body and other significant parts of said body. He certainly wouldn't mind curling up in front of a fireplace for the next five years. A lit fireplace; make that a blazing one if possible.

It being his amorous feelings and possibly something resembling love for Regulus-the reason he had tagged along with the Slytherin to pay a little visit to the lonesome Thestrals.

At one in the night. In the snow.

"Oh! Are you cold, Remus?" Regulus asked genuinely and Remus stopped tapping his leg as his cheeks flamed.

"Of course not!" He exclaimed, "What do you take me for?" He asked with a feigned air of machismo. Regulus looked at the older boy with his teeth chattering and the beginnings of blue lips. Well; that really needed to be fixed. He stepped closer to him.

"Werewolf thing, I suppose." Regulus commented as he placed a hand on his arm and Remus nodded.

"Yes. Absolutely." He replied, feeling his bones rattle inside. Really.

"In fact, if you must know, the wind feels rather good actually, side effects of lycanthropy and all." Regulus nodded and placed a gloved hand against the werewolf's cheek, playing along with him even as he saw his lips quiver and turn a darker shade of blue. That actually looked kind of interesting; how many shades of blue and purple could a human's lips get?

"Mmm, well, in that case-" Regulus pushed up against his cloaked body, his voice low, "I could really do with some body heat, if you don't mind." Then, "Bloody hell, Remus!" He exclaimed loudly and reeled back as their noses touched and looked like he wanted to say a million things but settled on the easiest one.

"Remus! What is the matter with you?" Regulus shouted out against the whirling of the wind and Remus smiled, feeling his nose.

"Oh! It is rather cold, I guess. I mean to be honest; I can't actually feel anyth-whoa!" Remus felt Regulus's hands against his chest before falling back against the willow tree. Regulus grabbed onto the lapels of his cloak.

"Stop! Okay?" Regulus shouted again to be heard, "Why do you always have to try so hard?" Regulus asked, his voice going soft. He placed a hand against the side of Remus's face and slid it up to card his fingers through the wind-whipped tawny hair. He leaned in and kissed the corner of his lips as Remus's arms came up and around his waist. Regulus shook his head.

"Just give me a second, alright." He said and pulled away enough to unbutton his heavy coat and hold it wide open.

"Even werewolves get cold, Remus. It's only natural." Regulus told him and stepped back into his arms.

Remus wanted to protest at being coddled and that what was natural for humans was not necessarily the same for him, but when he found himself cocooned in a mix of the fur lining Regulus's coat, the warmth radiating from his body and something that was oddly canine when Regulus brushed his nose against his with a rare smile; it felt something like affection.

And it was warm, warm enough that maybe he would forsake the idea of sleeping in front of a fireplace for the next five years and never again agree to accompany Regulus.


Then Regulus kissed him; not a peck, but one with tongue…and for a while.

Alright, definitely.

Prompt 2/50: Calm
Word count~140

Sometimes Remus cannot help but think that these moments right here-their last days at Hogwarts together-before Remus left and joined the Order and Regulus followed the path of his own choosing to the Dark side were something of what writers usually described as 'calm before the storm'.

He holds Regulus a little tighter; they seem to be spending a lot of time lately this way, quiet and entangled in each other's limbs and heartbeats echoing between them. Neither one of them talks about the coming days nor assure each other that everything was going to be alright.

They have always known it would come to this someday, this point where they could not talk each other out of their own decisions because there were bigger stakes than just two barely grown up boys in love…or something like it.

Prompt 3/50: Indifference
Genre: Fluff
Word count~390

"You really don't find a difference?" Remus asked the younger Black in an incredulous tone. The other boy just shrugged in response as he chewed on a watermelon flavoured jelly bean.

"They're just beans, Remus." He said smartly and picked up a white bean with pink speckles, it looked slightly girlish but the taste of strawberry splashed on his tongue and he immediately looked for another one in the jar.

He didn't notice Remus approaching him as he grabbed a handful of the beans and continued sorting them out in his hand. The train jerked once suddenly and there was a cry as Remus careened forwards and fell into the seat beside Regulus, causing the beans to fly out of his hands. Regulus looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Was that some kind of a new move I was unaware of?" He asked innocently as a smirk tugged at the corner of his lips and Remus rolled his eyes before-to Regulus's surprise-taking hold of his face. Remus had such an adoring expression on his face that Regulus almost missed what he was saying.

"You're being an idiot on purpose, aren't you?" Remus said and Regulus was about to protest when Remus kissed him full on the mouth. He sighed into the kiss and pliantly parted his lips to taste the other boy, moaning into his mouth as the mixed taste of chocolate, cherries and Remus himself melted in his mouth in quite an orgasmic manner. Remus pulled back, looking satisfied.

"Admit it now, Reg, you liked that." He smirked playfully as he twirled a strand of the dark lock of hair, "Bertie Botts could never taste like that." Regulus seemed to think on that for a second before answering with a bored expression.

"I don't know, Remus, I still don't see what's so special about these." He held up a dark chocolate flavoured one, "I mean, they are Muggle sweets." He did not look at Remus as the older boy gripped his chin firmly and turned him to face himself before pressing their lips together. Regulus tried to hide the smirk within their kiss.

The Muggle ones did seem infinitely better, if only to keep Remus trying to convince him of that fact for the rest of the ride the way he was.

Prompt 4/50: Carcass
Genre: Angst
Word count~180

Regulus stumbled and covered his mouth at the sight of the carcass of the deer on the forest floor, torn and bloodied into half as if bit and scratched into by some large animal. Like bears.

Or wolves.

Regulus fought the urge to gag as the flies surrounded the dead animal that looked dead recently, perhaps a day or two old. Recent enough for it to have been a full moon two nights back.

His legs shook as he closed his eyes to block out the gore and blood but in vain. Remus had told him, kept telling him time and again that he was dangerous and Regulus had stopped thinking of him-a werewolf-as dangerous.

'But Remus would never do something like this', his mind supplies. What if the wolf had escaped from the Shrieking Shack and attacked the defenseless animal? Maybe it had been some other wolf, he tried thinking alternatively but honestly, how many werewolves lived around Hogwarts anyway?

Regulus turned away and shakily made his way back to the school and steeled himself; Remus and he needed to have a talk.

Prompt 5/50: Lost
Genre: Fluff/General
Word count~340

For a long time after Sirius left for Hogwarts and started drifting towards the people unbefitting with his stature, Regulus hadn't really noticed it much but he had gotten lost somehow and become something of just another body in the crowd of Slytherins.

Or maybe he had noticed it but there was no easy way to be aware of the deep feeling of loss of his tight-knit friendship with his brother, it was easier to believe that he did not honestly give two knuts worth of thought to his traitorous brother.

It is one day when he is actually, physically lost just outside of Hogsmeade, in a Muggle area that he feels that impending sense of vulnerability again, as if he is the size of a thumb in a castle full of normal-sized people. But suddenly there is Remus who grabs his arm from behind, and from his tousled hair it looks as if he has run around a bit.

"Regulus, I told you not to go off on your own. At least in the Muggle world; just listen to me for once, would you?" Remus adds impatiently when Regulus looks ready to make a snarky reply. He sighs heavily mainly for show but then Remus loops his arm around him briefly but firmly.

"Thought I'd lost you for a minute there." He says softly and there is some kind of emotion in his eyes that make Regulus want to return to Hogwarts right away and pull Remus into their silken bed in the Room of Requirement and love him until they are both exhausted to the bone.

"I would have found my way; I am a wizard you remember?" But even as Regulus says it and Remus smiles at him fondly, as they make their way back to Hogsmeade, he cannot help but think that he hadn't felt this unlost in a long long time. Then he thinks that being lost with Remus is quite alright as they slip their hands into each other without attracting strange looks from the passing Muggles.

Prompt 6/50: Queasy
Genre: Fluff/General
Rating: K
Word count~574

Remus groaned as he felt the oncoming heave again before turning away to his left and throwing up into the bin. He closed his eyes, panting from the task and coughing as he fell back against the pillow and wished with everything in him that he could just summon a glass of water.

He heard footsteps coming towards his direction and sat up straighter in relief; finally Madam Pomfrey could get him that glass of water. His throat felt like parchment. Un-flavoured parchment. The curtains parted and Remus looked up only to wish that the bed would somehow swallow him up.

"So this is where you were all this time." Regulus noted as he looked over Remus, "Care to tell me what this is about, considering that the full moon was hardly ten days ago?" Remus's cheeks coloured but then he held up his hand before catching the bin and heaving into it again. He felt hands rubbing up and down his back and emptied the bin with his wand. This was just so humiliating, for a werewolf to end up with food poisoning from his stash of chocolate…maybe the mattress could chew him up painlessly. Like cotton candy.

Regulus held out a glass of water that Remus accepted gratefully and downed in one go which turned out to be a mistake as the queasy feeling returned immediately and he groaned in annoyance. Regulus was waiting for him to answer without further questions, something Remus always compared to Sirius's inquisitive questioning.

"I think it might have James and Sirius." Remus told him sulkily as he planned ways to repay those friends of his for implementing their 'Operation Remus's chocolate problem and how to prevent his death by chocolate in five successful steps'. Regulus looked at him skeptically when he explained it to him and then sighed as he fished something out of his pocket.

"And here I was hoping this would help you feel better." Remus's nose detected the scent of chocolate and he fell back dejectedly as he felt the nausea trying to come up. The scent was gone in a second and he looked at Regulus in time to see his wand in hand. He shrugged.

"It will be in my room, you can always have it later on." Remus smiled gratefully and closed his eyes.

"Sorry for being such a girl, you should go back to class." He told Regulus who abandoned his chair and instead sat down at the edge of the bed. Remus opened his eyes to see the Black boy with an unusually tender look.

"I'm free right now." Regulus informed him and then hesitantly reached out to brush the brown hair away from Remus's forehead, "You need to rest, I'll leave when it's time for class." Remus wanted to tell him to leave him be but at the same time some company would be quite welcome. Regulus continued combing his fingers through his hair and Remus felt sleep tug his eyes downward.

He suddenly wanted to tell Regulus that he cared about him more than just being together, more than just wanting to kiss and sleep together, more more and so much more…

He felt Regulus's presence until he fell asleep and just before he did, he felt the gentle press of lips against his forehead and he decided that maybe he would thank the rest of the Marauders for this once he had had his payback.


Tags: pairing: regulus black / remus lupin

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