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20in20-TV tropes

I usually post challenge icons within the comm but this needed to be a bit detailed,hence here they are!If you use any icons,credit would be great.;)



20 Tropes
All Loving Hero Stay With Me Until I Die Reunion Kiss The Dreaded Evil Counterpart
2020allhero 2020untilidie 2020reukiss 202dread 2020evilc
Broken Bird Badass Damsel What Beautiful Eyes Mentors The Evil Prince
broken 2020badass 2020eyes 2020mentor 2020evpr
Windmill Crusader The Stoic Student & Master Team Bitch Alert The Napolean
2020windmill stoic 2020studmast 2020balert 2020napoleon
Cultural Rebel Benched Hero A Lady On Each Arm Life Of The Party The Hunter
2020culturereb 2020bench 2020ladyeach 2020life 2020hunter

1.Arthur(BBC Merlin) 2.Morgause/Morgana(BBC Merlin) 3. Hanna/Caleb(PLL) 4. A(Pretty little liars) 5.Morgana(BBC Merlin)
6.Mary Margaret(OUAT) 7.Emma Swan(OUAT) 8. Merlin(BBC Merlin) 9. Alison/Cece(PLL) 10.Eric(Grimm)
11.Spencer(PLL) 12.Dahlia(Suburgatory) 13.Aria/Ezra(PLL) 14. Alison(PLL) 15. Arya(Game of thrones)
16. Sybil (Downton Abbey) 17. Red Riding Hood (OUAT) 18. Snow/Charming/Emma(OUAT) 19.Jenna as Lady G (PLL). 20. Oliver Queen(Arrow)
Tags: 20in20, tv show, tv tropes

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