abyss_valkyrie (abyss_valkyrie) wrote,

Valentine Exchange submissions


Hello Valentiners!!Well, that can be a word,really!Now that we're quite near the deadline of the Valentine exchange,I'll just explain the submission procedure.

If you've finished your piece(s), then,
1)Please do not upload the work anywhere until the posting is finished here.
2)Send the finished file( .doc/.docx for fics and jpeg/png/bmp for artworks)
3) The subject line of the email needs to be like this: Submission: Title of the piece, your name that you used for signing up here.
Last submission date is 13th February,2014 so if something has come up and is causing you trouble,please let me know before that.
Once I post the works here with the reveals, you can post your work wherever you prefer and send me a link so that everyone can reach the original source of course. :)

Your submission should contain the following information as indicated in the text area below.Just copy it and fill it within the mail.

For fic:

For artwork:
Tags: valentine exchange

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