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YOI, pastel pink and blue

20 Asian & English movie/drama icons for Round 3 @ somein30

Round 3 at somein30 was to make vibrant and/or muted icons.If you've seen my sets,you know I'm all about equal numbers,lol!So  ten icons of each style! I tried them in hard mode (because why now?!) Take any icons with credit!

5 icons each from: Guardian,  BBC Merlin,  Mulan: Rise of a warrior(2009),  Marie Antoinette (2006)

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YOI, pastel pink and blue

Seeing my icon style change

Aaaah!!I had the sudden urge to go through some of my old icons to see the difference in my style then and now and ooohhh,that's a lot of change.I first started making icons back in 2014 and most of them were for Merlin,some for various tv shows on livejournal until I started joining more icon communities and expanding my tastes. :)

Some from 2014

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